Warehouse Design and Layout Critical to Successful Order Fulfillment

Warehouse design and layout is critical to the successful operations of order fulfillment processes.  A streamlined design is necessary to maximize productivity and realize cost saving efficiencies.  When you need warehouse design services from an experienced warehouse automation specialist, the experienced design engineers at Numina Group provide comprehensive warehouse design services for a total turn-key operation.

Numina Offers Experienced and Professional Warehouse Design

Whether a new or existing warehouse management project, Numina will jump in, roll up our sleeves, and get to know your distribution requirements with the big picture in mind, yet zeroing in on improving each distribution processing requirement.  We develop automated warehouse solutions to maximize productivity and profitability, with proven ideas and concepts to streamline order fulfillment applications.

We conduct SKU velocity analysis and material movement requirements. Our skilled design team develops a blueprint aimed to eliminate bottlenecks and wasted touches, reducing labor costs while increasing productivity and profitability.  Our team works collaboratively with clients to identify all areas of improvement in slotting, picking, packing, and shipping.

Our skilled and experienced warehouse design engineers offer the following comprehensive automated warehouse solutions:

    • Design studies
    • Facility capacity and size requirements
    • Process improvement development
    • Product profiling and slotting
    • Footprint studies and requirements
    • Automated technology recommendations
    • Professional blueprint of design optimized with lean analysis
    • Analysis of ROI payback and cost saving efficiencies

Numina’s detailed warehouse design and analysis drives the technologies chosen for maximum productivity and throughput to deliver a quick return on investment.  We are set apart from competitors with our all-encompassing approach to offer a total turnkey automated solution including defining your order fulfillment needs, designing the flow for optimized movement and implementing automated technologies.

Real-Time Warehouse Control and Execution with RDS™ by Numina

Warehouse control and execution software is the one key element that you should never compromise on.  RDS™ is developed by warehouse automation experts with decades of experience in designing and developing streamlined warehouse operations.  RDS is a robust warehouse control and execution software system that easily integrates with any existing WMS or ERP system, providing real time control in high volume, demanding operations with unsurpassed reliability.

Numina Group warehouse design and engineering services bring realized cost savings to Omni-channel, E-commerce, third party logistics and many other distribution operations across North America.  Contact us to speak with an experienced design engineer about your warehouse design requirements.


Move Ahead of the Competition with Print and Apply Labeling

Print and apply labeling systems streamline operations in order fulfillment, e-commerce and omni-channel distribution centers worldwide.  Print and apply labeling reduces labor costs while increasing accuracy, productivity and profitability.  Process your shipments quicker, with greater accuracy, and with realized cost savings.

Numina Provides Unsurpassed Print and Apply Labeling Solutions

Print and apply labeling systems from Numina include the revolutionary One-Step™ and One-Step Plus™ for printing a combo shipping label and packing sheet, or an 8.5” x 11” dual packing sheet and shipping label in either single or duplex printing options.  Numina’s automated One-Step labeling system provide in motion scanning, weighing and verification of dimensions for accurate label placement and automated routing.

Numina’s Print and Apply Labeling operates at high speed for demanding operations, processing cartons and full case shipments with accurate label application.  Our labeling module integrates with in-motion optical character recognition (OCR), barcode scanners, dimension verification technology, in-line scales and cameras for vision capture inspection.

X-Press PAL™ modules by Numina are flexible and scalable to automatically apply either 4” x 6” or 8.5” x 11”.  X-Press PAL is proven to automate your printing and applying operations by processing cartons at a rate of 25 / minute, up to 1,500 cartons per hour.

Increase your throughput, eliminate bottlenecks, and improve accuracy with automated print and apply systems by Numina.

Real-Time Distribution Warehouse Control System


Print and Apply coupled with Numina’s Real-Time Distribution Warehouse Execution and Control System (WES-WCS) provides unsurpassed performance with robust, real time control.  RDS™ is a family of predeveloped modules designed to grow with your business, drastically reducing manual labor requirements providing cost saving efficiencies.


Numina Group is an experienced team of warehouse automation specialists, offering decades of experience in warehouse automation and superior warehouse control software.  Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable engineer and learn how to improve your order fulfillment operations with print and apply labeling.

How to Find the Best Warehouse Automation Solution

Are you searching for warehouse automation solutions that provide real-time control and easily integrate with your existing system?  One that provides a speedy return on investment at a fair price?  Then look no further that the warehouse automation specialists at Numina Group.  Numina is an experienced team of warehouse automation design engineers, software and technology developers and automation specialists, driven to provide the most cost-efficient warehouse control system available on the market today.

Numina Delivers Total Turn-Key Warehouse Automation and Control

Numina Group offers total turn-key solutions for automated distribution centers across North America, beginning with warehouse design and engineering services.  We evaluate your entire distribution process, conduct a thorough lean analysis, reveal areas for improvement and how to avoid bottlenecks in your system.  We provide a detailed comparison showing you where and how you will reduce costs with our recommended technologies.

Our Warehouse Execution and Control System, RDS™, is robust warehouse execution and control software which drives advanced technologies to provide real-time warehouse control.

Real-Time Distribution Warehouse Control System

Real-Time Distribution, RDS™, streamlines pick, pack and ship processes for order fulfillment and distribution centers in either new or existing operations.  RDS combines a family of flexible and scalable modules, designed to grow with your business.

RDS includes the following automated technologies:

  • Voice Picking System – improve accuracy to 99.99% while increasing productivity
  • Print and Apply Labeling – automate label printing and applying to cartons to reduce labor costs while increasing accuracy and productivity
  • Inline Scan-Weigh-Dimension – provides in motion scanning for vision inspection, ship verification and sorting
  • Print-Fold-Insert – automate the task of printing, folding and inserting packing slips and shipping documents, including 2-sided packing labels and forms of compliance.

Numina offers these technologies and many others, along with complete warehouse design solutions and unbiased recommendations on automated conveyors and sorters.

Numina Group offers professional and experienced warehouse design services and total turn-key solutions.  We provide robust warehouse control software and advanced automated technologies.  Contact us today for proven warehouse automation solutions that increase productivity and profitability.

Ship Sortation Aids Automated Warehouse Solutions

Automated ship sortation is a critical component of automated warehouse solutions, aiding pick, pack and ship operations in order fulfillment and distribution applications.  For proven warehouse sortation solutions, no other warehouse consulting firm provides the level of expertise with unmatched customer service as The Numina Group.  Numina has decades of experience in defining, designing and implementing total warehouse solutions for maximum throughput with reduced labor expenses.

Numina offers semi-automatic and fully automatic pick, pack and ship sortation systems providing increased productivity and profitability.  Ship sortation technologies include Tilt-Tray, Shoe Sorters, Bombay, Narrow Belly Sorters and Cross-Belt Sorters to streamline order fulfillment and distribution processes.

Real-Time Distribution Warehouse Control System

Automated sortation equipment integrated with Numina’s Real-Time Distribution, RDS™, Warehouse Control and Execution System, provides real-time control language in a powerful and robust warehouse software system which operates in less than 250 microseconds.  Numina offers flexible and scalable warehouse automation solutions designed to grow with your business.  RDS provides reliable high-performance in demanding, high-volume operations.

Voice Picking Systems combined with additional technologies such as Print and Apply Labeling and in-motion Scan-Weigh-Dimension, driven by RDS Warehouse Control System delivers maximum performance.  Customers of Numina typically enjoy:

  •        Increased profitability up to 30%
  •        Improvement in order fulfillment accuracy to 99.99%
  •        Reduction of labor expenses from 30% to 70%

Numina’s ship sortation equipment processes high volume, mixed SKU orders with advanced technologies including pick/put to light, fully automated sorters processing more than 250,000 SKUs per day, automated conveyor systems and many more automated technologies.  Real-Time Distribution drives these and many other robust warehouse control modules, designed with full flexibility and scalability to grow with your business.

Numina Group is set apart from the competition by our high performing, Real Time Distribution Warehouse Execution and Control (WES-WCS) system, reliable automated technologies and exceptional customer service.  Contact us today to speak with an engineer and learn how you can gain maximum cost saving efficiencies with automated warehouse solutions.   


Realize the Many Benefits of Voice Picking Systems

Voice picking systems are utilized in distribution centers and warehouse control operations worldwide. The need for e-commerce and omni-Channel centers to operate quickly, efficiently and accurately has never been greater. Many companies are realizing the valuable benefits offered by voice picking systems.

Numina Designs and Implements Warehouse Control with VPS Technology

The benefits of voice picking system technology incorporated into your warehouse control system are many, all leading to increased profitability. Real Time Distribution, RDS™, Warehouse Control System by Numina offers several benefits above comparable systems.

Benefits of Numina’s Voice Picking System include:

    • Increased productivity with additional picks per hour
    • Hands free barcode scanning
    • Increased accuracy to 99.99%
    • Quick and easy setup in minutes with no voice recognition training required
    • Simple operation
    • 8th generation speaker independent voice proven to work in noisy environments
    • Pick wave management and order release
    • Smart pick cart batch picking with walk path optimization
    • Labor and employee productivity tracked by zone or task
    • Easy integration with existing ERP and/or WMS systems
    • ROI typically within one year
    • Increased profitability

Numina’s RDS Voice includes these and many other valuable benefits.  Our VPS fully integrates with SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, JDE, Microsoft Dynamics, IBM I-series and dozens of additional ERP/WMS systems.  Voice logic is housed on server database tables, reducing time and cost to deploy applications.  Predeveloped modules include pick to carton, batch order pick to tote, cart picking and mixed case pick to pallet applications.

Combine with Numina’s Print and Apply Labeling system and Scan-Weigh-Dimension technology for additional benefits and cost-efficient savings.

Numina Group offers decades of experienced in defining, designing and implementing Tier One Warehouse Execution and Control Systems (WES-WCS).  RDS™ provides unsurpassed performance in demanding applications, improving productivity and profitability.  Contact an engineer today to learn more about the many benefits of our voice picking system.

Automated Conveyor Systems Contribute to Warehouse Control

Automated conveyors are just one component required for successful warehouse automation and control.  Prior to selecting automated conveyor systems, a thorough and detailed analysis must be completed of your entire order fulfillment and distribution process.  Conveyor systems are a critical component of any distribution and material movement application, although the process should not be designed around conveyors, but rather the other way around.


Numina Provides Detailed and Professional Warehouse Design


Numina Group is a team of warehouse automation specialists with decades of experience in defining, designing and implementing the most optimized warehouse design to provide maximum productivity and throughput.  We conduct a thorough evaluation including lean analysis with value stream mapping practices, and CAD generated blueprints to display the most advantageous flow for your specific application.

Based upon your comprehensive and unique study, the skilled engineers at Numina Group make recommendations for the right technologies and equipment to achieve maximum throughput and productivity while eliminating bottlenecks in your system.  Numina is independent of any manufacturer, therefore, our recommendations are completely unbiased and based on the right equipment that will provide maximum benefits to you and your process.

Automated Conveyor recommendations may include the following types of conveyors:

  •     MDR 24v
  •        Belt Driven
  •        Chain Driven
  •        Accumulation
  •        Zero Pressure Accumulation
  •        Narrow Belt
  •        Line Shaft
  •        Overhead
  •        Roller
  •        Spiral
  •        Conveyor Sortation Systems


Conveyor Systems by Numina Provide Many Advantages

Properly designed and implemented automated conveyor systems complement warehouse control systems with speedy, accurate and efficient movement of product.  Incorporating the right conveyor systems with Numina’s warehouse control system, Real-Time Distribution, RDS™, yields the greatest return on investment with the following realized benefits:

  •        Faster cycle times
  •        Reduction in labor and operating expenses
  •        Improved accuracy in order fulfillment and distribution processes
  •        Quick custom installations with MDR modular conveyors

Numina Group leads the industry with automated warehouse solutions that improve productivity and profitability to numerous industries across North America.  Contact us today to learn more about our warehouse control solutions including automated conveyor systems.

Linux is Poised to Dominate Warehouse and Industrial Automation Software

industrial automation softwareIn 1991 Finnish student, Linus Torvald, had a vision: to create a new free operating system and Linux was born. If you include the millions of computer systems and embedded devices running its little brother Android, from phones, printers, home appliances, and mobile hand-held computers, Linux is now the world’s #1 operation system. In 1999, Numina Group made at the time, a bold decision to re-write our Real-time Distribution Software, RDS™ Warehouse Control System, (WCS) and move from Microsoft to Linux. We made the decision for all the right reasons: speed of execution, stability, scalability, open source development tools/ databases, and industry standard communication interfaces.

This year’s Modex material handling and supply chain show in Atlanta was very successful for Numina Group, we broke all of our past trade booth visitor records. People came to our booth repeatedly asking two critical questions. The first, can they have a candy bar, reassuring us that people in logistics field are both hungry and polite! Of course we said “please take some so we don’t eat it ourselves!”

Linux: Warehouse and Industrial Automation Software for Pre-developed Interfaces

The second question most asked: Can Numina Group’s warehouse automation technologies integrate with their existing WMS or ERP System? Once we finished explaining the modularity and scalability story of RDS™ software and discussed its ten plus pre-developed industrial automation software interface tools, managers and engineers understood the huge benefit RDS™ WES/WCS provides. Linux has enabled RDS™ with readily available host interface software communication tools, such as web services, direct database connectors, file transfer, and pre-developed interfaces from SAP and IBM. These tools allow our customers to directly bolt on the latest advancements in voice picking, print and apply labeling, and conveyor and sorting systems to their existing business systems.

RDS™ provides all of the automation functionality that is lacking in the majority of WMS and ERP Systems. It directly integrates cartonization logic, order release, and pick and travel path optimization using voice directed pick, pack, and ship process automation. RDS™ as a native Linux application, lowers the cost of ownership and brings the benefit of true-real-time control to material handling control applications such as robots, high speed print and apply labeling, order fulfillment and high-speed shipping sorter control tasks. Implementing real-time controls is complex and difficult, we simplify the process with bolt-on RDS™ pre-developed modules run by Linux.

Numina Group’s 20+ years of expertise in Linux based industrial automation software development and warehouse automation allows us to extend the performance of RDS™, making it an industry leading Warehouse Execution and Control System. Using Linux allows us to add new capabilities and functionality faster and more reliably, using software application tools readily available from IBM and other open source contributing firms available from the Linux development community. An excellent example of this is RDS’s latest Web interface. We used Googles Angular, Node, and open source JavaScript to develop our web based user interface and reporting functionality. By using the Google environment, we were able to quickly create a new, fast, highly reliable, and scalable web based interface that can operate on virtually every available browser that works on computers, phones, and tablets – all possible without writing any code!

Numina Group is excited to see the accelerating growth and adaption of Linux throughout the industrial control and automation field. Several leading control system vendors have released Linux based programmable logic control, PLCs and software development tools supporting the latest IEC 61131 programming environment, operating on controllers and computers. Even Microsoft has acknowledged Linux is better suited for embedded control requirements, announcing that the family of internet control computers for its Internet of Things, (IoT) initiative will be Linux based.

Linux is quickly becoming the dominant industrial automation software OS in warehouse and factory automation. It’s the de-facto choice for the Internet of Things device monitoring, collection and cloud based information management. For further information on 8 Ways Linux Is Taking Over the World, check out the link to the article below. It highlights organizations around the world and Linux deployments in demanding automation and information management applications.

Learn more about Linux Software.

Learn more about the capabilities of Numina Group’s RDS™ Linux based warehouse automation by visiting our case study, Schumacher Triples Throughput in Existing DCs, Gains a Scalable Solution for Continued Growth.

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