Real-Time Warehouse Management Software


When searching for the best method of managing your warehouse, order fulfillment or distribution center operations, be sure to know the difference between simply managing your warehouse or controlling it. Most manage warehouse systems are reactive, meaning they react to order processing and fulfillment systems. Warehouse control systems, on the other hand, drive automated technologies which control your operations and work in tandem with warehouse management systems.
Numina Group Offers Tier One Warehouse Control
Numina Group is recognized as a leading warehouse automation company, offering a Tier One Warehouse Control and Execution System (WCS-WES) with real time control. Real-Time Distribution, RDS™, is powerful warehouse control software consisting of a family of flexible and scalable modules, designed to grow with your business. We provide warehouse control with advanced automated technologies to several industries across North America.
Order fulfillment processes in third-party logistics (3PL), healthcare, food and beverage distribution, consumer goods and many other warehouse management processes rely upon RDS™ to meet delivery requirements with accuracy. RDS is proven to improve throughput and accuracy, both resulting in an increase to the bottom line. With Numina’s warehouse design services and warehouse control and execution system, our clients typically experience a reduction in labor costs of at least 50% and a total return on investment (ROI) within 12 to 18 months.
RDS™ easily integrates with any existing enterprise resource planning system or warehouse management software system to bridge the gap between your order fulfillment applications and automated warehouse equipment. Numina delivers sophisticated real-time control and execution of automated technologies including:

  • Print and Apply Labeling
  • Print-Fold-Insert technology
  • Pick to Light
  • Voice Picking System
  • In-motion Scan-Weigh-Dimension
  • Automatic Shipping Sortation
  • Automated Conveyor Systems

Numina offers in-depth expertise and experience in warehouse automation with more than 30 years in business, skilled automation engineers and warehouse design specialists.
Numina Group offers significant cost saving efficiencies through real-time warehouse control software with advanced automation technologies. We provide exceptional customer service with ongoing support. Contact us today to learn more about our high-performance warehouse control system.


Voice Picking Systems with Zone Routing Improve Efficiency

73531385 - double checking the website
73531385 – double checking the website

Voice picking systems are proven to improve order fulfillment operations with increased efficiency and accuracy in distributions centers worldwide. Voice picking with zone routing logic enhances savings even further with an efficient and streamlined picking process. Zone routing directs packages automatically to the next station required for packing without human error or interpretations. When picks for that particular zone are complete, simple voice commands direct the operator to return the carton to the automated conveyor for routing to the next station.
Numina Group Offers Voice Picking with Warehouse Control
Numina Group offers warehouse control and execution with Real-Time Distribution, RDS™, which includes a full suite of flexible and scalable automation modules and technologies. Our voice picking system is proven to increase accuracy in picking applications to 99.99%. Operators wear a headset which can be paired with a back of the hand scanner for total hands free scanning, picking and packing. Simple voice commands with Lydia® voice engine requires little to no operator training for immediate functionality and quick return on investment.
Zone routing logic integrated with voice picking directs the most efficient movement of cartons throughout all picking zones. Voice commands direct operators to pick to either single cartons or split case orders with a dual level picking module. Voice picking systems and print and apply labeling are part of the total warehouse control and execution system by Numina which delivers proven results for drastically improved productivity and profitability.
Our Tier One Warehouse Control System, Real-Time Distribution, RDS™, is a suite of flexible and scalable modules which includes:

  • Voice Picking Systems
  • Print and Apply Labeling
  • Print-Fold-Insert Technology
  • Scan-Weigh-Dimension Technology

Numina Group is a recognized leader in warehouse automation solutions, offering powerful warehouse control software with operates in real-time and easily integrates with your existing warehouse management system (WMS) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. We perform detailed warehouse design and analysis with SKU velocity studies to provide the optimum warehouse automation solutions with the technologies to deliver maximum productivity.
Numina Group is a leader in warehouse control and automation with high performance voice picking systems and many other automated technologies to improve productivity. Our clients typically see a full return on investment within 12

Real Time Warehouse Control for Eco-Friendly Operations

37640269 - manager and worker in warehouse with bar code scanner
37640269 – manager and worker in warehouse with bar code scanner

Reducing waste by eliminating excess plastic used in packaging operations significantly reduces costs for distribution centers worldwide. Corporations are continually searching for green solutions to keep their costs down while supporting eco-friendly policies and practices. Warehouse automation is key to achieving reduced costs, improved profits and eco-friendly practices in pick, pack and ship processes.
In addition to doing their part to contribute to a healthier environment, companies that perform green practices to reduce waste in their order fulfillment operations typically realize a reduction in labor expenses of 35% to 50%. Warehouse automation allows for increased capacity, reduced labor expenses and reduced packaging material expenses. All of these savings add up to big increases to the bottom line, while feeling good about reducing waste with green initiatives.

Numina Group Offers Warehouse Control for Green Practices
Numina Group is recognized as a leader in warehouse design and automation, offering warehouse control and execution systems which improve productivity and profitability. Real-Time Distribution, RDS™, is a powerful warehouse control and execution system which reduces excess packaging material by incorporating cartonization for maximum cube rate utilization. Reducing the shipment footprint provides best in class pick and pack process with 92% to 93% cube rate utilization, significantly reducing the amount of void fill packing material required and keeping corrugated costs at a minimum with proper carton selection.
Cartonization software provides maximum eco-friendly solutions by reducing packing and plastic material while reducing labor and eliminating bottlenecks in your order fulfillment process. Automate your carton selection and application of shipping labels with print and apply labeling for even more realized cost savings. With automatic carton selection and application of the proper labels, without plastic packing slip holders, distribution centers save time and money while contributing to a healthier environment.
Numina Group offers real time warehouse control and execution with cartonization and print and apply labeling software. Our warehouse execution system offers maximum automation with voice picking systems, pick to light and automated conveyors for optimum flow and efficiency. Contact us today to learn how to improve your productivity and profitability with green packaging operations.

Reduce Waste and Improve Profit with Warehouse Automation

101121899 - automatic labeling machine.
101121899 – automatic labeling machine.

Corporations worldwide are continually exploring green practices to reduce the amount of waste generated from their operations while reducing costs on recyclable materials. Plastic void fill used when shipping can be reduced with automated box size selection to ensure the right sized carton is selected for your products, reducing the amount of void fill required. Eliminating plastic packing slip pouches improves the environment and packing material costs, when labels can be directly applied to cartons in an automated process.
Numina’s Print and Apply Labeling Saves on Packaging Costs
Numina Group is a leading warehouse automation company offering automated solutions to distribution centers across North America. Warehouse Control and Execution Systems, WCS-WES, save time and money which directly improves productivity and profitability. Our Real-Time Distribution, RDS™, warehouse control and execution software, is a suite of flexible and scalable modules designed to reduce waste and cost which significantly increases profits.
Print and apply labeling with Numina’s One Step Plus is our exclusive automated solution to pick, pack and ship processes. Print and apply technology automatically prints the right packing sheet or slip for your cartons on either an 8.5” x 11” or 4” x 6” paper, then applies the label to the correct carton, without a plastic packing slip pouch. This labeling solution significantly reduces packaging material expenses along with drastically cutting packaging labor costs.
Our experienced automation engineers provide a detailed lean analysis of your process to determine the best technologies for your order fulfillment application. Our RDS™ warehouse control system easily integrates with your existing warehouse management or enterprise resource planning system. Our customers typically experience total return on investment (ROI) within 12-18 months or less.
Numina Group is a leading warehouse automation company offering warehouse design with total warehouse control and execution. Save time and money while reducing waste to see drastic improvements in productivity and profitability while practicing green packaging solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our Real Time Distribution warehouse control system.

Voice Picking Technology

Innovations in Warehouse Design for Today’s Distribution Center

voice picking technologyA critical component of an improved DC design for today’s warehouse is voice picking technology that incorporates better processes such as optimizing product slotting, and the picking travel path. This will provide a profound impact on order fulfillment productivity.  Combining voice picking technology with leaner and more efficient operational practices and the right mix of warehouse automation technologies accelerates productivity to go beyond the performances obtained from traditional material handling improvements. For example, autonomous vehicles, which are essentially cooperative robots, (co-bots) can further eliminate the non-value services of pushing carts to reduce non-valued work, accelerating the technology investment’s ROI.

Today’s DC requires innovations that focus on processes and technologies that dramatically reduce labor and shift the behavior of warehouse employees, so more of the daily work tasks is controlled by productive practices. Pick by voice does exactly that, enforcing leaner, lower labor processes in an existing warehouse or a newly designed operation. Combining voice picking technology with the right blend of warehouse automation technologies including robots working in cooperation with conveyor systems has the ability to increase pick, pack, and ship productivity 30% – 50%.

RDS™ Voice, the solution provided by the Numina Group, includes pre-developed application modules that can be tailored to the customers’ requirements to enforce picking rules in an optimized travel path. It is a proven, modern, stand-alone software application or it can be deployed as a component of our Real-time Distribution System, RDS™ Warehouse Execution and Control System, WES-WCS.

RDS™ voice includes integrated labor management software that tracks individual work task productivity and can be combined with a labor standards strategy such as a pay for performance program, that rewards employees for meeting labor and accuracy goals. Pay for performance programs have pro


ven to significantly improve warehouse performance across all elements of labor, including accuracy, base wages, overtime, and retention. Just imagine the impact and benefits of being more productive and more profitable with fewer, happier, more highly motivated employees in your operations!

Using a modern voice engine combined with our Real-time Distribution Software, RDS™ warehouse execution and control software, WES-WCS provides a solution beyond traditional Pick by Voice platforms. The voice engine is also superior providing speaker independent, zero operator voice training.  it is highly intuitive, remarkably easy to use, learn, and highly accurate, allowing single touch pick and pack validation at nearly 100% accuracy rates that eliminate the need for secondary order inspection. Voice picking technology significantly outperforms paper picking, pick to light, and RF picking in warehouses and distribution operations. 

Voice Picking Technology Advantages

Below is a list of the top features and benefits that differentiate RDS™ Voice directed order fulfillment automation: 

  1. Productivity – Reduces the walk or fork-truck travel path required to complete a picking or product movement task. Voice keeps operators focused on the task at hand. Removes the need for secondary inspection. Interleaves work tasks. Voice directs and enforces the work rules and moves workers to the “hot” high volume work zones.
  2. Scalability – Voice easily expands as your business grows. It is flexible, adaptable, and modular – easy to add additional pickers with zero voice training.  New or temporary workers are productive in minutes.
  3. Accuracy – Voice combined with hands free product barcode scan validation, is a three step verification that is accomplished simultaneously and much faster than a wireless terminal or table. Voice enforces standardized picks, consistently achieving single touch 99.98 to 99.99% accuracy rates.
  4. Profitability – mistakes are expensive. Multi-modal voice combines voice with barcode scan validation of the item SKU, lot, serial number, or sell by date and achieves higher order accuracy – directly increasing profitability.
  5. Speed – Voice increases the speed of picking and other work tasks 20-30% faster than a mobile screen based terminal and 35% or more faster than a paper based application. Voice eliminates reading instructions, checking SKU locations, keying in quantities, and data entry requirements.
  6. Labor Management and Pay for Performance – Integrated labor tracking and reporting tracks individual worker productivity across zones and work tasks. It provides both worker and team performances in real time and historical reporting to allow managers to set improvement goals, work standards. RDS™ is the best tool to implement a pay for performance program.
  7. Flexible – Voice is highly flexible and makes it easy to change voice commands and provide SKU pick rule instructions based on a customer’s or retailer/E-com’s specific shipment. Voice automatically prompts the picker in a step by step manner with the work rules and integrates a paperless voice instruction.
  8. Safety –Working in a hands free and eyes focused operation allows the operators to hear, see, and verify the work performed without taking their eyes off the task.
  9. Efficient – Voice picking accuracy and performance boost allows the current workforce to do more work in a shorter time period to reduce overtime, and secondary inspections.
  10. Lower Training Costs – Voice with a Speaker Independent voice engine requires no voice training so even temporary labor and seasonal employees can be productive in minutes. The latest improvements are now approaching 100% recognition rates across multiple languages, and are clear and easy to understand while operating in a noisy work environment. RDS™ Voice Picking Technology boasts easy to recognize voice responses regardless of an individual’s accent. 
  11. Order Release with Cartonization – RDS’s™ ability to combine order release, cartonization, and voice pick & pack, streamlines the entire order fulfillment operation. RDS™ Voice includes a very advanced cartonization module used at order release which manages picking directly to the right size cartons and/or padded bags eliminating secondary touches in packing to lower shipping costs.
  12. WCS and ERP Connectivity –  RDS™ has a family of communication connectors to easily integrate to existing warehouse management systems, WMS and enterprise resource planning, ERP systems.

Today’s Omni-channel distribution operations that include E-com order processing are complex and require a voice solution that has the ability to manage order release, work balancing and also include pick, pack, and ship automation.  This is the domain of Numina Group’s RDS™, a top tier WCS-WES that includes all the required software and technologies to automate a distribution center.  Contact a Numina Group sales engineer today to learn more about the many benefits of voice picking technology.

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Warehouse Automation Provides Green Packing Solutions

Recycling plastic waste and reducing the amount of waste to our landfills has long been a top global priority. With recent focus on reducing the amount of plastic straws that eventually end up on our oceans, corporations worldwide are continually searching for green practices to reduce waste. Packing material alone can be excessive when products are placed in cartons larger than they need to be resulting in the need for excessive plastic void fill. Even the plastic packing slip pouches on the outside of corrugated boxes can be reduced or eliminated with automated warehouse solutions.
Making an effort to go green and reduce waste is obviously an environmentally friendly corporate decision, but it can also add up to big cost savings resulting in increased profits. All that plastic material costs money, is oil based and eventually just ends up on landfills and the oceans. Global freight giants UPS and FedEx have implemented green practices with eco-friendly shipping options to reduce the amount of wasting impacting the environment. Corporations that work to automate packaging processes with less plastic waste in their distribution centers reap big rewards with reduced cost and increased profit.
Numina Group Offers Green Warehouse Automation Solutions
Numina Group is a leading warehouse automation company offering warehouse control software and technologies which reduce waste and improve profits. Automation is one of the biggest improvements packing and shipping operations can make to reduce waste and costs. Companies utilizing automated warehouse control systems with print and apply labeling systems realize significant cost reductions in materials and labor.
Numina offers Real-Time Distribution, RDS™, which contains a suite of flexible and scalable modules such as Print and Apply Labeling, PAL™, and Voice Picking System technology. Our skilled warehouse automation engineers work with you to determine the best technologies for your unique order fulfillment operations. We provide a lean analysis with SKU velocity to provide optimum automated solutions.
Numina Group is a leading warehouse automation company providing real-time solutions with superior warehouse control software. Our automated warehouse solutions reduce costs and improve profits in distribution centers across North America. Contact us today to learn more about our green solutions for order fulfillment packing processes.

Numina’s Voice Picking Offers Many Advantages

Voice-Picking-300x230Voice picking systems offer many advantages to order fulfillment operations although not all voice picking technology is created equally. When evaluating voice picking systems, be sure to speak with the warehouse automation experts at The Numina Group. The Numina Group offers a powerful Tier One Warehouse Control System, Real-Time Distribution, RDS™, that offers many advantages over other warehouse automation systems.

RDS™ is flexible with customization to your specifications and scalable, designed to grow with your business. This flexibility allows implementation of integral components specific to your distribution process. RDS™ is warehouse control software with extended functionality beyond other systems, directing advanced automated technologies with real-time control.

Automation modules included in Numina’s RDS™ include:

  • Print and Apply Labeling
  • Voice Picking Systems
  • Inline Scan-Weigh-Dimension
  • Print-Fold-Insert technology
  • Automated Conveyor Systems
  • Inline Sorting and Scanning

Numina offers comprehensive warehouse automation solutions with analysis of your current operations with recommendations on automated technologies to achieve optimum material flow with no bottlenecks in your system. We will show you where you can experience maximum cost savings with most of our clients experience complete return on investment in 12 to 18 months. Our warehouse control system is proven to increase productivity while reducing expenses.

Voice Picking System with Proven Results

Numina’s voice picking module is an integral component of total warehouse control, streamlining the pick and put process with hands free scanning. Voice picking technology manages the entire order picking application across multiple pick zones and batch cart processes. Implementing voice picking technology provides an average improvement in efficiency of at least 30% with easy implementation and no voice speaker training required.

Operators are directed with simple voice commands through the most optimized path flow of picking processes with hands free scanning through a wearable headset. Voice commands are easy to understand and automatically confirm picks. Numina’s voice picking system comes with a labor management module to track employee productivity.

When evaluating voice picking systems, be sure your system will easily integrate with all components. Numina’s RDS™ easily integrates with virtually any warehouse management system (WMS) or enterprise resource planning system (ERP).

The Numina Group is a recognized leader in automated warehouse systems with over 30 years of experience in warehouse design and automation. We provide real-time control with advanced technologies to deliver maximum productivity and profitability. Contact us today to learn more about our warehouse control system featuring powerful voice picking technology.