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Running your warehouse or distribution center with efficiency for high profits can be challenging in a fast paced, demanding environment.  Realizing the full potential of your warehouse software is critical to achieving success with order fill accuracy, efficiency and profitability.  If you are struggling to realize your full potential and looking for warehouse software with real time control, you should learn how a warehouse control and execution software system can take your warehouse management to the next level.  


Difference Between Warehouse Management and Warehouse Control


You may be thinking of replacing your current warehouse management software, or maybe you are considering hiring additional labor to fill the void between order planning and execution?   This is where knowing the difference between a warehouse management system (WMS) and warehouse control system (WCS) is vital to achieving maximum profitability.    


A WMS typically focuses on broad activities, such as processes and people, and is helpful to schedule labor in relation to order fulfillment requirements and inventory.  The key function of a WMS is to act as a business planning system, and usually does not operate in real time, nor does it provide any control over automated equipment.  


Achieve Efficiency, Accuracy and Profits with Warehouse Control System


A WCS will interface with your WMS, providing control & execution of material handling systems such as sorters, automated conveyors, carousels and a host of other automated equipment.  The WMS will tell you what you need to have, when and where you need to have it, but if something changes and creates a bottleneck in your process, a WMS won’t adapt to the new situation.


A warehouse control and execution system will prevent a bottleneck in the first place by adapting to situations in real time, and telling your equipment how to respond for the most streamlined operation.  This powerful warehouse software acts like a floor supervisor, directing your equipment and labor to work in the most efficient manner with accuracy and consistency.  


Numina Provides Technologically Advanced Warehouse Control Software


If you are utilizing a host of material handling devices and systems, and looking for more control to balance them all together for efficiency and profitability, call the experts at Numina Group.  We have over thirty years of experience in developing the most technologically advanced warehouse software for complete control and execution.  


Our Real Time Distribution System, RDS™, is a flexible and scalable automated solution that drives advanced technologies for high accuracy and efficiency.  We can integrate with any warehouse management or ERP system with real time control and guaranteed performance.  


RDS drives advanced technologies including:


  • Automated Conveyor Systems
  • Print and Apply Labeling
  • Pick Execution with Voice or Light Picking Systems
  • Print-Fold-Insert Technology
  • Automatically Scan, Weigh and verify Dimensions
  • And many more!


Numina’s Real Time Distribution System is a Tier 1 Warehouse Control and Execution System that meets the demands of high volume order fulfillment, with reliability and guaranteed high performance.  Our skilled team provides easy connectivity, web based diagnostics, and ongoing service and support from our knowledgeable software engineers 24/7.


Numina provides accurate automation with all warehouse distribution order fulfillment processes including picking, packing, sorting and shipping.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can improve your accuracy, efficiency and profitability with total warehouse control.   



What is a Voice Picking System and How Will It Help Me?

Voice directed picking systems in warehouses and distribution centers have been around since the 90’s, but are rapidly rising in use due to technological advancements that make it simple and affordable to implement.  Voice picking is a dialogue between your team members and your warehouse control system.  Employees wear a headset and receive voice directed commands for picking inventory for orders based on smart scanning of SKU and serial numbers.  Voice is also used in put applications to replenish inventory with direct voice commands to the employee.   


Picks are confirmed as a worker moves through the warehouse from one location to the next with easy to understand voice commands. Voice systems direct workers through the warehouse with the path optimized to be the most efficient.


Numerous Benefits of Voice Directed Picking


One of the most valuable benefits of voice picking systems is that the employee has free use of both hands.  A voice picking system provides hands free scanning which drastically boosts productivity and eliminates the need for workers to pick from paper or carry an RF scanner.   


Voice picking technology is also very effective, proven to improve accuracy to 99.99%.  Voice directed picking systems decrease the chance of error with real time scanning directing pick and put applications.  


A voice directed picking system should be multi-modal, allowing feedback from the operator’s’ voice, and easy to learn with minimal start up training and voice recognition required.  


Numina Group is the Voice Picking System Specialist


For voice picking systems that outperform the competition, contact the voice automation experts at Numina Group.  Numina Group’s Real Time Distribution, RDS™, warehouse control system combined with RDS Voice delivers the latest in technological advancements for optimized warehouse automation.  


RDS Voice provides much more than voice directed pick and put functions, it is a complete modular order fulfillment automation solution!  RDS Voice provides a host of benefits, including the following:


  • Hands Free Scanning to capture 2D bar codes
  • Smart Batch Picking with optimized walk path
  • Pick to Carton or Tote Applications with smart conveyor zone routing
  • Includes Labor Management module with complete worker traceability and productivity tracking
  • Order Release and Pick Wave Management
  • Improves Productivity in receiving, picking, inspection and replenishment
  • Speaker independent – no voice recognition training required
  • Hardware independent


Numina’s Voice Picking System, RDS Voice, directs hands free pick and pack processes for uniform and controlled operations.  This superior technology is easily interfaced with your current WMS or ERP system, and is simple with no voice training required making it is easier to onboard and train new employees.  


Boost your productivity by up to 50% with hands-free, voice directed picking systems from Numina.


The Numina Group leads the industry with a Tier 1 Warehouse Control and Execution System, designed for high profitability.  Contact us today to learn more about our automated warehouse solutions, including our superior voice picking technology.  



Voice Directed Order Fulfillment Automation for Frozen Food Fulfillment Success Story

Founded over 100 years ago, Neesvig’s is a family owned meat processing and specialty food fulfillment firm.  They distribute products nationwide as a one-stop shop for e-com food fulfillment.  The firm specializes in third party logistics services for dozens of top brand food suppliers and retailers of perishable, frozen, refrigerated and dry goods.

Continuous growth was overwhelming their previous facility and limiting their ability to add additional customers.  Neesvig’s decided a new facility was required and hired The Numina Group to perform a facility engineering design study and define means to improve the order fulfillment operation. The outcome of the study concluded that a new facility incorporating lean automated pick, pack, and ship processes would yield substantial savings and quickly justify the investment.

On completion of the study, Nessvig’s hired Numina to implement the material handling automation. The automated processes are controlled by Real-time Distribution System, RDS™, Numina’s Warehouse Execution and Control System WES-WCS.

RDS™ includes a voice directed order fulfillment automation module that manages the entire pick, pack, and ship order fulfillment process throughout the new distribution center.  At order start RDS manages Cartonization to direct cooler size selection, and manages document insertion and license plate barcode label application.

Pick by voice directs order picking throughout the operation.   At order release, RDS batch picking begins in the freezer and directs bulk picking of products. The products are then moved and dynamically slotted to the forward cooler area pick module.  Customer orders are picked to the shipping container/coolers.  Items are picked and pack validated using a combination of voice and hands-free barcode scanning for capture of the SKU, GS-1 lot numbers, and sell by dates.

At the exit to the pick module coolers receive the proper ice pack quantities so orders arrive frozen at the customer’s home. “Voice picking has streamlined the process, reduced errors, and increased worker productivity” said Paul Werwinski, President of Neesvig’s. “We reduced picking labor in the freezer by 50 percent.”

Pick and pack completed shipping coolers convey to the in-line scale. Orders that pass the weight audit convey to the print-and-apply labeling systems for automated application of the shipping label. “The print and apply has eliminated the manual processes of weighing and hand applying the shipping labels, significantly speeding up the shipping process” Werwinski said.

At the exit of the print and apply labeling system, coolers convey, are automatically shrink wrapped, and sorted to UPS/FedEx parcel trailer. Automation gave Neesvig’s efficiency gains across the entire operation providing an excellent ROI and scalability to handle Neesvig’s growth. According to Werwinski, the investment has reduced labor costs by 35 percent and increased throughput by 40 percent during peak periods. “From start to finish, we have less touches, faster order completion time and less errors, Automation has paid off for us.”

Please enjoy the corresponding Neesvig’s success story video.

If you’re interested in reducing labor costs by 35% or more in your operation, please contact The Numina Group at 630-343-2622.

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Invest in Warehouse Technology

Unemployment in April 2017 hit a 10 year low, sending a wake- up call that companies need to invest in technology to increase productivity in warehousing and distribution operations!

The US Job Market added more jobs than expected in April lowering the US Unemployment rate to a 10-year low.  The latest report shows the addition of 211,000 jobs in April and with the unemployment rate at 4.5%, the US economy is effectively at historic full employment.  Additionally, the two month Consumer Confidence Index is at its highest level in 8 years, which should strengthen American businesses’ confidence in the US economy and its continued growth.

With an already tight labor pool getting tighter, manufacturing and warehouse distribution operations are finding it increasingly difficult to find reliable workers. Baby boomers are continuing to retire at record numbers, and the cost of wages and benefits will increase significantly.

When you add in the cost to recruit and hire new employees, and the fact that it is far more difficult and expensive to find manual labor and temporary workers during peak periods, companies have no better return on their investment than automation technologies.

Winning businesses are quickly adapting to the changing labor market by investing in leaner, less labor intensive processes that eliminate wasted touches, and at the same time increase order fulfillment accuracy. Implementing the right automation, such as pick by voice in combination with pack and ship automation technologies, is a proven strategy to boost productivity 30 to 50% or more in manufacturing and distribution operations.

Here’s a few reasons to investigate voice picking technology:

  1. 12 to 18-month ROI
  2. Pick by Voice is quickly deployed, resulting in immediate increases in picking productivity and order accuracy. It is well suited to for Omni-channel picking, B to B, and E-Com fulfilment, especially in applications that require capture of lot codes, serial numbers, and sell by date data.
  3. The latest generation voice is speaker independent, and eliminates operator voice training so operators become instantly productive, even temporary workers! Reduced training time combined with hands-free barcode scanning provides pick and pack validation in a single touch directly to the shipping carton.
  4. Voice directed pick, pack, and ship order fulfillment outperforms manual process liked paper based picking or RF terminal based picking with 25% to 30% gains in productivity and accuracy rates of 99.98%+ with no secondary inspection.
  5. Pick by Voice enforces better work practices across you workforce and directs operators in a lean, efficient, and uniform order picking practice. It includes a labor management module that measures and reports worker productivity, and provides additional tools to analyze order fulfillment costs, which allows for increased focus on distribution profitability.

Tips to Improve the Pick Process

Start by reviewing the pick processes and making sure the SKU slotting profile is based on velocity movement.  An efficient travel path with SKU’s properly slotted based on A, B, C velocity will create a more efficient pick, pack, and ship order fulfillment process. Picking labor can account for up to 55% of a DC’s labor cost, so an efficient and lean process combined with the right technology drives wasted steps and costs out of the operation!

Once picking is streamlined, don’t ignore the additional improvements to be gained by deploying automated pack and ship technologies such as in-line pack automation lines that combine scan-weigh-audit, pack sheet print and insert, void fill and auto carton taping/sealers, automated print and apply labeling, and manifesting.  Automation in packing can increase daily shipment capacity, eliminate overtime, and cut labor costs by 50%

In conclusion, automation gets more work done with current or fewer employees to increase shipments in less time and at a lower cost. Numina Group can assist you in making this happen at your operation. We will define and develop improved order fulfillment processes, and help in selection and implementation of automation technologies that improve productivity and profitability across the entire distribution operation

Are you looking for tips to improve the picking process in your DC facilities?  The Numina Group is here to help.  Call (630) 343-2638 or Fill out a Contact Form to arrange a complimentary site visit and consultation.

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Pack to Light Featured at ProMat

Featured at Promat 2017 Numina Group’s Pick by Voice & Pack to Light Boosts Order Fulfillment – Booth S3452

Numina Group will demonstrate their latest Real-time Distribution System, RDS-Warehouse Execution and Control Software, WES-WCS which combines Pick by Voice and Put to Light Order Picking and Consolidation into a pick, pack, and ship suite for e-commerce and Omni-channel distribution operations at Promat 2017 – Booth S3452.  Pick by Voice directs the primary picking directly to the shipping carton while also directing the picking of items to the put to light consolidation operation. The new software module provides a highly efficient and cost effective means to simultaneously pick orders across all of the DC’s pick zones and to gain a 30 to 50% higher productivity in current or new distribution centers. Pick by Voice when combined with Put to Light allows both single zone picking direct to the shipping carton and simultaneously sweeping items across all of the warehouse zones to consolidation totes. This provides efficient order pick and packing at the Put to Light Consolidation Area.

Put to Light Put Walls can scale from small to large order consolidation requirements. A typical size is 50 or more order consolidation shelf positions. Each shelf includes a pick to light-put to light multi-color display indicator/ and confirmation button and shelf color LED light-bar illuminator. Each display position includes a color light bar that illuminates to light the entire shelf position to quickly and accurately guide the operator to put and verify placement of the required items to the required shelf. Operators use a hands-free blue-tooth ring 2-D scanner to scan either the item barcode or the tote/case batch of items to rapidly light, put, and confirm orders. The new put wall order consolidation technology allows a single operator to perform 500+ item scans and puts per hour. When the last item is scanned the alpha numeric display is lit showing the order is complete and the required carton size for packing and shipping.

“Pick by Voice when combined with the latest advances in Put to Light order consolidation increases pick and pack order fulfillment and boosts productivity an additional 10 to 15% compared to a Batch Cart only picking process” stated Rick Ernst, VP of Software Development at The Numina Group. Put to Light order consolidation as a component of  voice directed cart and fork truck picking reduces operator walk or fork truck travel time and increases operators hourly picking rates by allowing more items to be picked per travel path. Additionally, an added bonus of the RDS Voice software module is batch picking and directing the put of all single SKU orders within the zones to a separate tote for “Speed Picking” of the single line orders and directing the singles tote to a high speed pack and ship line.

Interleaved, simultaneous picking operations with highly accurate 99.99% voice technology, gains even further efficiencies added to the pick process when combined with RDS’s pack automation technologies. RDS pack automation integrates conveyor, auto print, fold, and insert of the packing sheet, scan- weigh-dimensioning-vision audit and print and apply of the shipping label to further reduce labor and increase order shipment throughput performance.

Numina Group’s RDS™ (Real Time Distribution System) is a Top Tier Warehouse Execution and Control System (WES-WCS) containing a full family of software automation modules to efficiently manage and execute order fulfillment pick, pack, and ship processes. The order fulfillment software module includes RDS Voice utilizing a highly advanced mobile computer for voice directing the DC workforce. Orders are picked using Cartonization logic directly to the shipping carton using an advanced Speaker Independent Voice technology that eliminates operator training time. This technology will be demonstrated at Booth #S3452. Stop by, and learn why intuitive pick by voice, put to light order consolidation, and pack and ship automation has provided our customers documented savings of 50-70% workforce productivity gains!

RDS™ Voice Pick & Pick/Put to Light Automation

  • Speaker Independent Voice Picking requires Zero Training, including Labor Management & Productivity Tracking/Reporting
  • RDS™ Cartonization Software – Highest Cube Utilization Logic determines “Best Fit” Carton
  • Pick to Light and Pack to Light Order consolidation- fast, simple, and accurate

 Pack and Ship Automation

  • Pick to Carton Reduces Touches in Packing
  • Slashes Pack Labor and Material Costs
  • Auto Print-Fold-Insert Shipping Documents
  • Semi-automatic or Fully Automated Void and Seal

Shipping and Manifesting

  • In motion Scan-Weigh-Dimensioning, Vision Audit, and Ship Verification
  • Print and Apply Labeling of Compliance, Packing Slips, and UPS, USPS, FedEx Shipping Labels
  • Automated Conveyor and Parcel, Pallet Build and Order Fulfillment Sorting Systems

About the Numina Group – Numina Group has over 30 years of experience in the design and implementation of automated warehouse and distribution centers.  Numina Group’s Real-time Distribution System, RDS™ is a top tier Warehouse Execution and Control System (WES-WCS) with an advanced order fulfillment automation module that includes pick by voice, pack, and ship process automation technologies for automated warehousing operations.  Numina Group provides a full range of services from consulting/design, pick by voice, pick and put to light, print and apply labeling, conveyor and sorting material handling controls for turnkey automated distribution operations.  Their expertise eliminates bottlenecks and excessive labor while improving accuracy and throughput in order fulfillment.

For further information contact:

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Value Stream Mapping

Eliminate Waste in your Order Fulfillment Operation with Value Stream Mapping

In an earlier post, we discussed how upfront planning to define the right DC design road map can lead to free warehouse automation thanks to a rapid ROI generating significant cost savings. Studies show that best-in-class companies that emphasize continuous improvement, invest in value mapping to streamline processes, and collaborate across departments in warehouse design improvements gain the following benefits:

·        Increased cash flow within 120 days of a project completion

·        Reduced order-to-delivery cycle time from weeks to days

·        Consistently meet same-day delivery

·        Reduced on-hand inventory from 10% to 30%

·        Increased inventory turns

·        Experienced throughput gains of up to 70%

A project that focuses only on cost through head count reduction misses the opportunity to consider other gains achieved through investment in automation. Lean only designs can generate some benefits, but not at the same level that a holistic warehouse design evaluating order flow across the entire operation. The best means to achieve the highest ROI is to start with a design and process flow that focuses on people and processes, and then considers which blend of technologies delivers the best ROI.

Begin with Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream mapping begins by asking two questions, “what adds value to customers?”, and “What steps can be eliminated or combined into a single step?”  In layman terms, the goal of value stream mapping is to identify what a customer will pay for, and how to make it more profitable.

It is an exercise of discovery that creates a flowchart of what you’re doing today, including all the steps and touches, and identifies which steps add value and which are wasted. The goal should be to eliminate as much of the waste components as possible throughout your entire order fulfillment process.

The As-Is flowchart creates a step-by-step overview of your entire process in order to identify opportunities for improvement.  In a warehouse operation an As-Is flowchart begins by documenting all of the touches associated with the pick, pack, and ship process.  This typically represents the highest labor cost areas in the DC.

The next step is to drill down into each of these steps and ask, “Where is the value?” As you ask this, keep in mind, customers pay for value – they don’t pay for wasted steps and multiple touches, wherever waste is present, you are absorbing these costs in the operation and damaging your bottom line.

Customers don’t care if you have to move an each, case, or pallet four or five times before it is ready to ship. The end customer doesn’t consider if you use paper, RF terminals, or pick by voice to manage the pick and pack process.  Customers don’t care about your internal operational inefficiency, unless it affects their experience or business!

After completing the current DC flow charts, post the flow chart on the conference room wall and have the team collectively review the operation. You won’t have to ask “Which of the steps in the process that we’re doing right now add no value to the customer?” Several will jump right out! Then begin brainstorming and collaborating on how to eliminate the non-value steps, which will increase customer value.

You may currently pick-to-tote, use an inefficient cart, or manually pick and pass orders at several steps in the operation.  It is up to you to decide if you want to absorb the higher cost of labor and inefficiency that stems from error prone picking processes that require secondary validation at QC to prevent errors. Waste and secondary touches drive higher costs per shipment, and need to be identified and eliminated for the Value Stream Mapping Initiative to be successful.

Ultimately, customers only care about getting the right product on time, at the lowest delivery cost. The Warehouse Education Research Council (WERC) has studied this topic extensively and created a metric companies can compare themselves against called The Perfect Order Practice.

The Perfect Order Practice focuses on the following four metrics: 1. Rate of accurate order fill – meaning the percentage of orders picked and packed complete, 2. Correct documentation, 3. Arrive damage-free, and 4. Delivered on time!   Companies scoring high in these categories are on average 17.5% more profitable.

A lean pick, pack, and ship process should score high across the board on all components of The Perfect Order Practice.  Conducting a Value stream mapping study provides companies with the opportunity to identify how your company scores on The Perfect Order Practice metric.  This study will allow you to focus on what steps need to be taken to achieve warehouse operational improvements, and ultimately enable you to define what software and automation technologies can be deployed to enforce better processes and practices.

Empower Your Employees

Equipping people with technology that allows them to perform faster and more accurately combined with a low-touch process is a good place to start in an initial phase. Consider what technologies enforce the improved practices and build accuracy into the operation. Technology decisions should be made after you’ve leaned up and value-mapped the order fulfillment process flow.

Can you guess what great technology will obtain the above? A hint…….it starts with v and ends in e. Pick by Voice technology can be a low cost game changer for most order fulfillment operations!

It is vital to focus on “better” processes that can be improved or are adaptable to future changes. For example, it’s sufficient to begin with a new design that takes a mediocre picking process and improves it to a good, sound pick-to-tote process. Then, as a second step, once you have the SKU cube and weight database thoroughly tested, you can make additional incremental changes to improve the process with functionality such as picking directly into the shipping carton.

Order picking operations can be improved from discrete order picking to batch picking using push cart and fork truck carts. Batch picking reduces travel and visits to the same item storage positions, and thrives when combined with proper velocity based slotting of SKUs.  Also, a “Speed Pick” process can be interleaved during the batch pick, which speeds up single SKU shipments by picking them all to a tote in one stop.

If you have questions or would like to augment your team’s expertise as you go through this process, the Numina Group is here to help. Our engineers are here to create improvements in distribution and order fulfillment, and help you select and implement automation technologies that result in rapid, measurable improvements for higher profitability throughout your order fulfillment operation. Please contact us today to discuss warehouse process improvement questions and your thoughts and goals.

Learn more by calling sales at (630) 343-2622.

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